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The Private Dance - A Move From The Planner's Playbook.

Updated: Jan 23

When we plan your day with you, we'll talk about the flow of your event down to the very last detail. We'll offer suggestions of the order of your timeline, what planned events we need to make room for and what markers should happen when - all based on our 9+ years in the industry.

One of those topics during timeline discussion will be to-do or not-to-do a private dance, and in our world, it's always a "yes!" Here's why:

1.The sentimental side of us always cheers on a private moment with you and your beloved in the midst of a wild celebration. So, ending the night, after all the pomp and circumstance, just the two of you close, intimate and swaying to a song that is sentimental to your love story - always a win for us!

2. Your guests have celebrated well, and won't likely want to leave at the end of the night. Which is a great feeling, but also one that can be cumbersome to your venue and vendors at the end of the night when your event time is over and breakdown needs to begin. So giving them a reason to gather their belongings and empty the rooms allows their exit to be a conscious one, in a timely manner.

3. It gives us time to gather and instruct your guests for the grande exit. While you're dancing with your partner inside, we're gathering your guests, placing them and giving them instructions for your grande exit. This can take a while when there's so many more of them then us and when they've celebrated well. So, that time when you're taking in a moment allows for us to prepare them for your exit and have all in place for photography as soon as the dance is done.

For these reasons, it's a move out of our playbook that works to accomplish so many things all at once - a planner's dream. If you're weighing your options and not sure if that's the move for you, consider if you'll be having a grande exit or how exactly you want the night to end. In some cases, one big final party song with all of your guests is the way to go, but for so many of our couples, the private dance is where it's at.


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