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5 Moments for Two

As a planner, one of my favorite things is facilitating private moments between the couple on their wedding day. The wedding day is a FULL day. It's a day full of your favorite people, your closest friends and family. It's full of tons of pictures and moments to share with all of those that have come to celebrate the both of you together. So, fitting in private time can be tricky, but it also can be done. Here, we'll let you in on a few of our favorite ways couples can steal away to soak in the moments - just the two of you.

  1. Go on a date

I can feel the screen scrolling already, but wait and hear me out. Recently, one of our couples shared how they originally wanted to meet for coffee the morning of their wedding. They wanted a moment to share to start the day, just the two of them. I loved the idea, but family and friends were nervous the bride wouldn't have enough time to do that plus get ready. I quickly reminded her - brides are the last in the chair. Everyone else starts early while she waits around sipping coffee or mimosas anyway. So, why not let the makeup and hair get started while you steal away for a moment with your man? Get the coffee, share the breakfast and let the nerves settle before you kiss goodbye for the last time before the altar.

2. First Touch/Private Vows

The "First Look" has become super popular for so many reasons, but there's something we love about a first touch. For us, it's the best of both worlds. You still get to save his view of you for the aisle, but with a first touch, you still get to hear their voice, feel their touch and quiet the noise for a bit before it gets even louder. Pair that with an opportunity to share your own personal vows to one another privately, with the only audience that matters - your soon to be spouse, It's a moment full of emotion and slows the timeline down to take in why your here.

3. After Aisle Steal Away

This is something we build into every single timeline. As you walk out of the aisle, before meeting up with your bridal party and family for pictures - take a moment. We allot 5-10 minutes for each couple in a private space/room/nook where the two of you can reflect on the fact that you just did that. You're now officially husband and wife and when you step out of that room you're going to be guided to a million photos, well wishes from all of those you love and an incredible event to celebrate that all. So, take just a few minutes to live in it for a bit!

4. Private Dinner

We cringe when we hear of couples who barely ate at their wedding. How this happens, in a well planned event, I'll never understand. One way to avoid that, plus get a little one-on-one time is to schedule a private dinner on the tail end of cocktail hour for just you two. We're not talking a 5 course meal, but a plated dinner with a table for two and 15 minutes to sit, breathe, get some food in your tummy and look in the eyes of your beloved realizing this is forever. Then, when the rest of your guests are being served dinner, you'll be able to move around the room and ensure you get to see all the faces and hug all the necks.

5. Private Dance

It's my favorite way to end the night. The Band/DJ has cleared the dance floor and your guests from the room, we're giving them instructions for your grande exit while you two sway back and forth to one of your most meaningful songs. You've just celebrated with all of your favorite people, but now you're here with your person, looking in their eyes and realizing forever has officially begun.

There's so many ways you can intentionally set aside small moments to lock it in, throughout your wedding day. You'll hear every bride say, "It goes by so fast", and It's so true! You've spent so much time solidifying all of the details of your celebration. So, we always encourage our couples to choose one, or all of these moments to soak it in, take a breath and live in the moment for just a moment. Before you blink the day will be gone, and those memories will be your greatest keepsake.


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