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Love On The Lake

If our initial meeting was any indication of how the planning process would go, I knew after our 4 hour chat at Starbucks that this was going to be one of my favorite hearts to work with. Amanda and her mom met me there, with ideas galore, trusting my voice in recommendations and wanting to make this a day that was equally sentimental as spectacular. Their hope was for a classic look with boho details mixed with modern touches. This meant pampas grass and pink babies breath mixed in with black table runners and candlesticks. I was in design heaven.

When Amanda told me her guest count, she prefaced it with saying "I have a huge Puerto Rican Family". She wasn't lying! They showed up strong in number and support the day of the wedding to lend a hand from the moment set up began. Aunts were ready to help set chargers and napkins, uncles and cousins were eager to place candlesticks and chimneys. There was no telling them "we got this". They were ready to show love in way of helping hands and that's exactly what they did.

Because Amanda and Kevin had decided to save the first look for the altar, but still wanted a

private moment beforehand, they opted for a first touch/private vow exchange. It was perfection. They, not only, got to exchange all of their own personal sentiments and get those moments captured, but also calm excited nerves with a gentle touch, and while they both enjoyed that - I think Kevin may have needed it a bit more.

Like most cool and collected grooms, as the time got closer and guests started to arrive - the nerves and excitement started to build. We stood outside as I called for the golf carts to come pick up the bridal party and he asked me "can we do this already?", "Absolutely" was my one-word reply as I walked back in to tell his bride - "let's go, my girl".

Every bit of the bridal party was beautiful, but when the doors opened and he saw his bride - his smile couldn't have been any bigger. They were finally here, at the altar, pledging to belong and become, forever. As they sealed it with a kiss, every single nerve left. They were ready to celebrate, and that's exactly what they did.

Cocktail hour provided an opportunity for guests to take in all of the beauty of Simpson Lakes and for Brittany Melissa Photography to work her magic....and MAGIC is what she made!! As she wrapped those final shots, I looked on and knew we were in for incredible.

As the sun set, we gathered, and hyped up, the bridal party for their grand entrances, made catering aware we were right on schedule and que'd the DJ to invite guests to be seated just before announcements began while waiting for the photographers and videography teams to get in place. It's a team effort always, and we had a killer team playing.

Savory roots provided an incredible dinner service. As soon as it and toasts were complete, the dance floor was full and stayed that way. The sweet couple was joined by friends and family all throughout the night dancing to their favorite jams, with only enough interruption to cut cake and open the cookie and milk bar that the bride's Godmother had designed and prepared. Before we knew it, we were preparing for their send off.

As Amanda and Kevin changed into coordinating sweat suits, we gave guests instructions for the sparkler exit and venue staff came through with torches to light them up. Hand in hand, Amanda and Kevin ran out under sparkling light, stopped for a dip and a kiss in the middle and gave her mom one last hug before heading out as husband and wife. As they turned around for one last good-bye, my girl turned to me and said "thank you again" before Kevin excitedly said "let's go!!". It was the truest depiction of their pairing - one of my favorite pairings to date.

Planner and Florist: Bustle and Bloom

Videography: Jimmy Nugent Films

Catering and Bar: Savory Roots

Draping: On the Move


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