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The Stanley's

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

After a move from South Louisiana, building our business in the Sunshine state took off quicker than we anticipated. Florida brides were welcoming and ready to allow us to support them on their wedding day. One of our first brides to book our full services was Maura, and i felt like I was working with someone I've known for a long time - myself.

She was sure in her vision, had all the plans, and was very specific on the details she wanted - black bridesmaids dresses, crisp white and green florals and not a single nod to vintage. She was chic and classic with a modern flare and that's what her day was to be as well. When we met at the walk through I knew I'd love working with her and couldn't wait for her day to come.

When it finally did arrive, she was cool as a cucumber when things were running behind due to supply delays. She handled it like a champ and allowed us to do what we do - take care of it and make sure everything was ready by go time. That's exactly what we did.

When she walked down the aisle, every flower was in place, every napkin was folded and the sweetheart table was awaiting her and her groom. Speaking of - the moment he saw her, he lost it and that was everything! When everyone else was watching her walk down the aisle, my eyes were on him and boy did he deliver the emotion. He knew he was the luckiest man in the world in that moment.

As their close friend delivered direction and officiated their ceremony, they pledged forever. Without hesitation and with complete dedication. All of the nerves were no more and the words they were repeating carried weight, but also excitement.

As they kissed to seal the deal, their closest friends and family cheered all the way down the aisle and then made their way down the same one and into cocktail hour on the pool deck. This once-was country club made wedding venue provided a beautifully unique experience for the guests to enjoy.

As the photos wrapped and guests were invited to be seated, the bride and groom both stopped to tell me "thank you". That typically doesn't happen until the night is done, but for them - the biggest part had already happened. The rest was a celebration of THAT...What a celebration it was!!!

The first dance was beautifully romantic, as Justin Beiber's "Lifetime" played, but the Mother/Son dance took the cake. As they started off swaying and enjoying the special moment, the music changed and mom busted a move with her baby boy like I've never seen before. The room erupted with a roar. What a moment!

Soon dinner followed and a video speech from the covid-stricken maid of honor, who was stuck at home, was a sweet surprise for Maura who missed her presence greatly. Then the dance floor opened and stayed full the ENTIRE night. It was an incredible recipe of a skilled DJ, who is also a friend of the couple, high school buddies turned life-long friends and family that couldn't have been happier to be joined together.

Though there was no grande exit for the

couple - a last dance with their best people was the perfect end to the perfect day. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Stanley will be a forever favorite pairing.

Venue, Catering and Bar: Idelwood

Planner and Florist: Bustle and Bloom

Bakery: Publix

Hair & Makeup: Femme Akoi


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